PBX System 4CO+32EXT TAD-432

Capacity: 4 Outside Lines, 32 Extensions
DISA 20 Sec, 3-duration
PC Program & Billing system, Toll Restriction, PC Program, SMDR, FSK, DTMF Caller ID, Welcome Message, Call Forwarding, Call Interrupt and Break, Call Pickup, Call on Hold, Call Duration Control, Class of service, Extension Flexible Numbering, Power Failure Transfer, Call Conference, Set Operator, Auto Attendant, Flash Time Setting, 3 Class Lighting Protection




Receiving Call Features
※ Auto-attendant 1-Digit Navigation
※ Auto-fax Detection
※ Call Pickup
※ Full Caller ID
※ Do Not Disturb (DND)
※ 3-party Conference

Making Call Features
※ Auto Least Cost Route
※ Callback on Busy
※ Abbreviation Dialing
※ Walking Account Code
※ Extension Lock
※ Call Barge-in
※ Ringing Assignment
※ Intercom Calling
※ Outside Calling
※ Boss/Secretary Call
※ Call Forwarding
※ Toll Restriction Class
※ Dialing “0” or “9” to Reception
※ Call on-hold
※ PA Broadcasting
※ Exclusive Line
※ CO/Extension Group
※ Call Duration Control

System Features
※ Voice Report Extension Number
※ Auto Day/Night Services
※ 3-class Lightning Protection
※ Extension Flexible Numbering
※ Remote Program
※ PC Program
※ PC Accounting


System Capacity
CO Line: 4 fixed or 4-6 expandable
Extensions: 16 fixed or expand to 32
DISA: 3levels@10s-10s-10s
Conference: 3
System Abbreviation Dial: 99
Walking Account: 2
Receptions: 2
Incoming Ringing Extensions: 4
Flash Time: 760~2000ms
Conversation Restrict: 1Hour

Electronic Datas:
Power Supply: 220VAC/110VAC 50/60Hz
Feed Currency: DC48V, 20~30mA
Distortion: < 10%
Ringing Currency: AC70V ±10%, 50hZ
Voltage Proof: 50hZ, 1000Vrms/ minute
Caller ID: FSK, DTMF
Operate Temperature: 0°C to 40°C, 32~104°F
Storage Range: -20°C to 65°C, -4~149°F
Humidity: 10-90%

Factory Status:
※ Attendant Mode: Reception
※ Extension Number: 8001~8008
※ Incoming Ringing :8001,8002
※ CO Group: n/a
※ Toll Restriction Class: 2
※ Access External Line: dial “0”

Packing Details
※ Net Size: 24*16.5*6cm
※ Net Weight: 2.1kgs
※ Gross Wight : 3.3kgs
※ Giftbox Size: 27*19*9cm
※ Per Carton: 27kgs/10pcs/Carton
※ Carton Size:44*47*64


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